One To One

If you’re looking for change and haven’t found it yet, then maybe you just need a little encouragement? What ever your goals, I’m here to help you reach them. With planning, support and commitment from you... together we’ve got this! Whether you want to be leaner, fitter, faster, bigger or stronger, I have all the tools and skills to assist you in making your body goals a reality. Why put it off any longer? Contact me today to start planning for, working towards and hitting your body goals!

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Small Groups

It’s important that you build a healthy lifestyle that works for you. That may mean you wish to work one to one, or maybe you would prefer to train with a friend, partner or loved one? For this reason, I offer a limited amount of small group training sessions for up to 3-4 people. Depending on ability and requirement, we can tailor a balanced program for your group. You also benefit from sharing the costs of your sessions while still receiving a strong level of expertise, structure & motivation.

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G’s Bootcamp

Looking for something a little more challenging? Do you thrive in the dynamic and motivating atmosphere of group training? Then joining in with my bootcamp program might be the best fitness decision you’ve ever made. The now infamous and ever popular ‘G’s Bootcamp’ is the workout you’ve been waiting for! Everything is time based to suit all ages and abilities. Located at U-Fit Cardiff… classes run regularly and are designed to maximise your time and deliver powerful results, book with ‘G’ today!

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Corporate Packages

They say that successful businesses are all about the people… they are right! A healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce. If you or your business would like to invest in your teams’ health and wellbeing, I have the perfect solution. I offer corporate packages, ranging from regular group exercise classes to one-off staff training or team building sessions. Together we will improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your team. Contact me today to find out more…

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A high intensity cycling class using the new ‘Wattbike Nucleus’. This cadence (speed or rpm) focused class will challenge your cardiovascular system, while giving your legs a testing resistance workout. My classes focus on the 3 main principles of climbs (heavy resistance), sprints (light resistance) and something in between (mid range). We use a variety of positions, specific cadence targets and time intervals. This 45 minute class gives you a good sweat and a high calorie burn (suits all abilities).

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I understand that one to one training doesn’t suit everyone. Don’t let that stop you getting the right advice, motivation and a plan to succeed! Start setting and hitting your goals today...

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Gerraint Webb